About Diligence


Diligence Technology Advisors is a boutique strategy and advisory practice concentrating on the Infrastructure Technology sector, with a focus on storage, cloud computing and emerging technology opportunities. The business is built on a differentiated blend of domain expertise, deep fundamental analysis and capital markets perspective.

Why Diligence?

  • Companies of all sizes easily get caught up in prior successes, handicapped by prior failures, or are blinded by organizational inertia
  • Many companies don’t have the time, resources or proper perspective to perform the fundamental analysis that is critical in formulating an effective product, market or company-wide strategy
  • An unbiased, but informed, perspective on critical business and strategy issues is hard to come by


The Diligence engagement model is carefully crafted to avoid conflicts of interest, allowing for deep client relationships that produce unbiased perspective and tangible conclusions. Engagements are tailored to the specific client/project need.


Our core belief is that in order to add real value you need to embed yourself in your clients business as a strategic partner. Only then can you gain a proper grasp of key customer requirements, vendor initiatives and technology trajectories. Our goal is to synthesize our key findings across these domains into strategic conclusions that will drive real business impact and client value.

Core Services

Core areas of expertise include market profiling, competitive analysis, product positioning, GAP analysis, go-to-market strategy, M&A strategy and capital markets positioning. Diligence has strong partner relationships to engage in business development, alliance and technology validation efforts as needed.


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